Mini Master Series®

At Arch Orthodontics, our expertise lies in the realm of orthodontic care. Our focus revolves around utilizing braces to meticulously align and straighten teeth, transcending the realm of aesthetics to encompass the enhancement of both structure and functionality. By rectifying malocclusions and addressing various dental and jaw imperfections, our aim is to elevate not only appearance but also overall form and function.
The significance of braces extends beyond the enhancement of your smile; it encompasses the comprehensive betterment of your dental well-being. In the contemporary landscape of dental innovation, an assortment of novel treatment options, techniques, and products has emerged to tackle orthodontic challenges. These cutting-edge technologies have revolutionized the efficiency of orthodontic procedures and, crucially, have elevated the holistic experience of orthodontic patients.
While an array of choices exists, traditional stainless steel brackets and wires, forming the iconic metal braces, continue to hold prominence due to their effectiveness. These braces are a testament to the enduring relevance of time-tested methods in an era of constant evolution.

Mini Master Series® by AO

With the Master Series® braces from American Orthodontics, your confidence in your smile will shine throughout your entire treatment journey and beyond. This is because the Master Series is expertly designed to assist Dr. Sue in efficiently aligning your teeth while prioritizing your comfort.

More Discrete. More Comfort. Better Results.

Its distinctive design translates to smaller, more comfortable metal brackets that enhance your overall experience. Moreover, the extensive array of color options available for the petite bands that secure your wire in place allows you to inject a touch of enjoyment and proudly showcase your braces. Embrace your smile with certainty and radiance – it’s yours to celebrate!