3M Victory Series™ Bracket System

At Arch Orthodontics, our expertise lies in the realm of orthodontic care. Our focus revolves around utilizing braces to meticulously align and straighten teeth, transcending the realm of aesthetics to encompass the enhancement of both structure and functionality.

The significance of braces extends beyond the enhancement of your smile; it encompasses the comprehensive betterment of your dental well-being. In the contemporary landscape of dental innovation, an assortment of novel treatment options, techniques, and products has emerged to tackle orthodontic challenges. These cutting-edge technologies have revolutionized the efficiency of orthodontic procedures and, crucially, have elevated the holistic experience of orthodontic patients.

While an array of choices exists, traditional stainless steel brackets and wires, forming the iconic metal braces, continue to hold prominence due to their effectiveness.

Victory Series™ Brackets by 3M

The Victory Series™ Brackets set the gold standard in the realm of metal brackets, showcasing a track record of proven excellence. Renowned for their exceptional bond strength, effortless bracket placement, and hassle-free ligation process, these brackets have earned their place as the industry benchmark.
The Victory Series represents a comprehensive orthodontic appliance system encompassing brackets, buccal tubes, bands, and a bonding base — essentially, all the fundamental elements of braces. What sets the Victory Series apart as a favorite among patients is its incorporation of pre-applied light-sensitive adhesive in the brackets and tubes. This innovation empowers patients to undergo controlled and efficient bonding processes, significantly reducing wastage, complications, and time investment.

More Exact. More Efficient Results.

A standout feature of the brackets is their color-coded design, which facilitates swift and precise treatment by your orthodontist for each individual tooth.
Furthermore, the bonding pads exhibit a curvature that mirrors the tooth’s contour, enabling them to deliver exceptionally precise and efficient outcomes. This alignment with the tooth’s shape contributes to heightened accuracy and effectiveness during treatment.