Custom Clear Aligners by Arch Ortho­dontics

More Discreet. More Comfort. Efficient Treatment Time.

There exists a variety of distinct brands specializing in clear aligners, including uLab Systems custom clear aligner by Arch Orthodontics.

Clear aligners serve as discreet braces, offering our patients the opportunity to achieve beautifully aligned teeth with less inconvenience than traditional metal braces. While effectively rectifying malocclusions, just like conventional braces, clear aligners come with multiple advantages that render them an exceptional choice for those pursuing orthodontic treatment.

The transparency of clear aligners is almost imperceptible. In stark contrast to traditional braces that catch the eye, clear aligners empower patients with the option of having braces without displaying their presence. These aligners can be effortlessly removed during meals, granting you the freedom to enjoy your preferred foods during the treatment period. Maintaining oral hygiene through brushing and flossing becomes effortless as clear aligners can be taken out, eliminating obstructions during your daily dental routine.

Seamless Convenience

Clear aligners harmoniously integrate into your daily life, causing minimal disruption. You can conveniently remove them for eating, brushing, and flossing, and their comfort level is remarkable. Accommodating clear aligners into your lifestyle is uncomplicated, making the journey towards a radiant new smile a remarkably easy one.

Near Invisible.

Distinctive in their nature, clear aligners barely register in your awareness. Their near-invisibility also ensures that others won’t detect them, allowing you to showcase your smile with confidence even during the treatment phase.

How They Operate

The initial step in any orthodontic journey entails determining the optimal treatment approach for each patient. Dr. Sue takes into account your objectives and individual requirements to ascertain whether clear aligners are the most suitable path forward.

If clear aligners indeed emerge as the best fit, Dr. Sue forwards your dental records, X-rays, and scanner images to uLab Systems for evaluation. Collaborating with uLab Systems, Dr. Sue then devises a personalized treatment strategy to skillfully guide your teeth into their desired positions, bestowing upon you a new, dazzling smile.

You will receive a series of aligners, each to be worn for a specific duration in accordance with your treatment plan. Throughout your clear aligner journey, scheduled checkups with Dr. Sue will ensure progress monitoring and allow for adjustments as needed. Before you know it, a splendidly straight smile will be yours to embrace!

A Clear Decision!

Custom-designed aligners tailored to your teeth’s contours guarantee optimal comfort. The sleek surface finish of clear aligners withstands wear-related clouding, ensuring your smile remains crystal clear.

Due to their removable nature, clear aligners harmonize seamlessly with your daily routine, including meals, oral hygiene practices, and beyond. With no metal or hardware involved, clear aligners offer a minimally invasive pathway to achieving your rejuvenated smile!